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Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker For Electronic Assemblies Test

Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker For Electronic Assemblies Test

    • Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker For Electronic Assemblies Test
    • Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker For Electronic Assemblies Test
  • Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker For Electronic Assemblies Test


    Plaats van herkomst: China
    Merknaam: Gaoxin
    Certificering: ISO 9001
    Modelnummer: Gx-600-ZD

    Betalen & Verzenden Algemene voorwaarden:

    Min. bestelaantal: 1set
    Prijs: negotiation
    Verpakking Details: Niet-berokings houten doos
    Levertijd: 30 werkdagen
    Betalingscondities: T/T
    Levering vermogen: 10 reeks/partij
    Contact nu
    Gedetailleerde productomschrijving
    Functie: triltest Controlemanier: Computer controle
    Frequentiebereik: DC~4000 Herz Maximumsnelheid: 1.8m/s
    maximum lading: 120kg Demension: 750*560*670mm verticale lijst
    Nettogewicht: aprrox 460kg

    Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker For Electronic Assemblies Test


    1. Product Name: Battery Vibration Testing Machine


    2. Model No.:GX-600-ZD


    3. equipment usage and application: Vibration environment and impact environment test


    Vibration test system is mainly used for products vibration and shock environment test, environmental stress screening test, reliability test.

    Electromagnetic vibration tester completely according to the standard design battery related testing, simulation, under the certain condition of the vibration test of battery, the battery or battery pack is fixed on the vibration table, according to the prescribed frequency, acceleration and displacement mode along the battery sample vibration of three mutually perpendicular direction measured battery should not leak, don't lose heart, not broken, no fire and explosion.

    Vibration test of the application scope is extremely broad, from circuit board, battery, plane, ship, rocket, missile, cars and home appliances and other industrial products.

    GB/T 31486-2015 <Electrical performance requirements and test methods for traction battery of electric vehicle> Test requirements



    4. Test standard:

    UL 1642:2012 < Standard for Lithium batteries>
    UL 2054: 2012 < Household and Commercial Batteries>
    UN38.3(2012) <Part 3: proposal for dangerous goods transport - test and standard manual>
    IEC62133-2012 <The safety requirements for battery and battery pack of containing alkaline or acidic electrolyte>
    IEC 62281: 2004 <The safety requirements in transport of Lithium battery and battery>
    IEC 60086: 2007 <Galvanic cell part 4 the security requirements of lithium-ion batteries>


    5. vibration type pause formula and vibration generator structure:


    1. Test type: sine vibration; Random vibration;

    2. Frequency response range:2-3000Hz

    3. The formula:A(g)=(2πf)2Dcm/980≒A=0.002DmmF2 D=A/0.002F2

    F=M(kg) ×A(g)


    Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker For Electronic Assemblies Test



    6. equipment composition:


    project Configuration instructions quantity
    Vibration table  
      ZD600-51 Electromagnetic vibration generator 1 piece
      BL-600 Cooling fan (including the silencer) 1 piece
      Vertical expansion table 400mm*400mm 1 piece
    Digital switching power amplifier  
      SA-6 digital switch power amplifier 1 piece
      servo system 1set
      excitation source 1set
    Digital vibration controller  
      Digital vibration controller 1 piece
      The system acceleration sensor 1pcs
      Control computer 1set
      Control software installation CD 1set
      Extension cable, duct 1set
      Instructions, inspection reports, certificate of approval, maintenance manuals, etc 1set
      Attached special tools 1set
      Vibration compressive bar/layering fixture 1set
      Cushioning airbags 4pcs
      Computer desk 1 piece



    7.Company introduction:


    Dongguan Gaoxin Testing Equipment Co., Ltd is a high tech company specialized in producing kinds of testing equipment which was established in 2007, located in manufacturing centre of China-Dongguan City where is close to Guangzhou city and Hong Kong.

    Our advantages:

    (1) Speciality in testing equipment

    (2) Various products to choose from

    (3) Accept customization

    (4) Excellent after-sale service


    Our products mainly divided into:


    1. environment simulation test chamber

    2. battery safety testing machine

    3. Footwear and leather testers;

    4, rubber and plastic tester

    5, tensile tester

    6. paper and packaging tester

    7. cable tester


    After sale service:


    1. operation manual and video, till user can operate the testing machine masterly.

    2. one year warranty

    3. free operation training.

    4. professional engineer to solve any problems or confusion about the test equipment.


    Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker For Electronic Assemblies Test

    Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker For Electronic Assemblies Test


    Dongguan City Gaoxin Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Contactpersoon: Annie Chen

    Direct Stuur uw aanvraag naar ons (0 / 3000)

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